Pretty Little Liars Spinoff: Meet the Perfectionists Joining Ali and Mona

Pretty Little Liars Spinoff

Freeform is getting ready to usher in the next generation of Pretty Little Liars.

Casting is currently underway for the six series regulars joining Alison (Sasha Pieterse) and Mona (Janel Parrish) in the upcoming PLL spinoff The Perfectionists, TVLine has learned. A pilot was ordered in September.

Though some of the characters and their respective traits are lifted directly from Sara Shepards’ books — upon which the Marlene King-produced spinoff is based — fans of the series might notice that a few things have been altered in translation:

CAITLIN MARTELL-LEWIS | The intelligent, motivated and easy-on-the-eyes daughter of two over-achieving mothers, one of whom is a United States senator, Caitlin is an expert at hiding secrets. She hopes to follow in her mother’s political footsteps — that is, if the weight of her own secrets doesn’t crush her first.

DYLAN WRIGHT | A prodigious cellist who used his passion for music to escape his small-minded hometown, Dylan loves his music almost as much as he loves his boyfriend, Andrew. (And even that’s up for debate.)

ANDREW | Dylan’s “nerd-chic” boyfriend is deeply committed to his architectural studies, spending what little free time he has cooking and being with Dylan.

AVA JALALI | A stylish trendsetter with a big personality, Ava hopes to have her own clothing line someday. But she has an edge over her fellow fashionistas: a brilliant technological mind, which she uses to blog and code. Just don’t ask her why her parents recently fled the country — it’s her one big secret.

NOLAN HOTCHKISS | A natural born leader, Nolan is the heir to his family’s empire. Though he puts forth the image of a golden boy, Nolan is actually a manipulator who uses his friends and family to maintain his image. Not a big fan of authority figures or the word “no,” Nolan isn’t used to losing.

JEREMY BECKETT | A handsome Brit with more abs than you can count with just your fingers, Jeremy is also described as “charming and witty.” (Duh, he’s British!) What’s more, he’s also an intelligent scientist working for Hotchkiss Industries.

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