Year in Review

2017 in Review: The 10 Best Dramas

The year may be almost over, but TVLine’s annual Year in Review is just getting started.

First up: our picks for the year’s best drama series. Our intrepid staff gave careful consideration to 2017’s myriad dramatic offerings, winnowing down the year in amazing television to 10 solid selections. The competition was fierce. The interoffice debate? Fiercer.

Did Game of Thrones, last year’s Number 1 show, make the cut? Did sophomore seasons knock 2016 favorites This Is Us and Stranger Things outta the running? Where did critical darlings like The Leftovers and Big Little Lies fall? How about wildly popular broadcast fare, like Riverdale?

The answers to all of those questions — and more — can be found in the gallery above. Check it out for our picks — or click here for direct access— then tell us where you think we got it right, which shows we snubbed, which slots you’d swap and what drama you’d put at No. 1.

Coming up soon, in the Year in Review: Best Comedies, Worst Shows, Sexiest Scenes, Grossest Moments, Best Performances, Deaths That Just About Killed Us and much, much more!