The Voice Top 10 Ranked: The Winner of Season 13 Is (Most Likely) Going to Be…

the voice top 10 ranked season 13 chloe kohanski

Although the holidays are traditionally a time for reflection, fans of The Voice might prefer not to look back. If we do, there’s a good chance that we’ll only wind up gnashing our teeth anew over the eliminations of contestants who really ought to be in the Top 10. (The names Emily Luther and Chris Weaver come immediately to mind…)

Instead of waxing nostalgic, perhaps we’re better off looking ahead, not only to the swan song of the competitor that TVLine readers, if not voters, seem to agree should’ve gotten the boot by now, but to a victory that seems as inevitable as the arrival of the new year. To that end, we present our countdown of the Top 10, ranked in order from least likely to likeliest to win.

To see if you agree with our assessments, check out the gallery above right (or click here for direct access), then hit the poll below with your pick to succeed Chris Blue as “the voice.”