Nashville Final Season Video Teases Will's New Man (?), Deacon-Jessie Kiss

Only a few words are spoken in this new Nashville Season 6 video, and yet it says so much.

The teaser promo, released Thursday by CMT, tees up the country-music drama’s final season with new footage — and a series of sounds — that give a glimpse into what’ll happen in upcoming episodes.

Most important things first: the kissing. Will and a new guy, Juliette and Avery, and Jessie and Deacon (almost) smooch during the 30-second spot. Then there’s the first look at new characters in action, including Jonah Ford, a charming and super successful pop star played by newcomer Nic Luken. (Also, someone opens a syringe and shoots some kind of drug into his hip, so feel free to log your guesses about that in the comments.)

Elsewhere, Maddie thwarts an admirer’s attempt to get closer, Scarlett signs an Exes poster, Daphne sobs, Jessie’s stupid ex twirls his stupid fidget spinner, and Deacon restrings a guitar.

Nashville returns Thursday, Jan. 4, for its final season. Press PLAY on the video above to see what’s ahead, then hit the comments and react!

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