Stripes Comedy Series Being Eyed by CBS? That's the Fact, Jack!

Stripes TV Series CBS

What’s that, you say? Yet another TV series adaptation of a movie?!

Lighten up, Francis.

CBS has put in development a single-camera comedy series based on Stripes, the 1981 Ivan Reitman film starring Bill Murray and Harold Ramis (and P.J. Soles, if teenage Matt has any say in this).

Per our sister site Deadline, Reitman would direct and exec-produce the adaptation, to be penned by the Whitest Kids U’Know’s Trevor Moore, Sam Brown and Zach Cregger and again follow a rebellious outsider who finds his purpose by enlisting with the Army, where he joins a ragtag unit of misfits.

Weigh in on the idea of a Stripes series, while I explain to Cruiser why he has to make my bunk (since we’re in Italy and all).

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