Family Guy's Sad Brian Twist Is Sticking

Family Guy Spoilers

Four years after Family Guy temporarily killed off Brian, the Fox comedy is serving up another multi-episode storyline at the expense of the Griffins’ pet.

If you missed Sunday’s episode, the Griffins became social pariahs after one of Brian’s offensive tweets went viral, forcing them to kick him out of the house. With no vacancies in any decent part of town, Brian took refuge in one of Quahog’s sketchier neighborhoods, where he ended the episode sad and alone. (See the above photo for evidence.)

TVLine has confirmed that this was the first of a three-episode arc for Brian, which will continue through Sunday, Dec. 3 (9/8c). This marks the second time Brian has moved out of the house for multiple episodes; the first came in Season 3 when Brian left Quahog for Hollywood, eventually becoming a Woody Award-winning porn director.

But the next few weeks won’t be a total bummer for ol’ Brian. The Nov. 19 episode (9/8c) finds him working at a suicide hotline, where he may strike up a romance with his new co-worker (voiced by Kristen Bell). Check out an exclusive first look at one of their encounters below:

Family Guy Kristen Bell

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