Chicago Med Video Teases Dr. Charles' Fate, New Romance Drama in Season 3

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Chicago Med‘s second season ended with a bang, and when the NBC drama returns on Tuesday, Nov. 21 (10/9c), fans are being urged to “keep your tissues close, just in case.”

TVLine has an exclusive first look at Season 3, which Marlyne Barrett (aka Maggie) says “is about the heartbeat of who we are as a team.” Colin Donnell (aka Dr. Rhodes) echoes her sentiment, adding, “The incident with Dr. Charles is affecting everyone going forward because it happened to one of our own.”

Of course, Dr. Charles’ post-gunshot fate isn’t the only source of drama this season. As teased in the video above, the doctors’ personal lives are in various states of flux: In addition to Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead’s will-they-won’t-they conundrum, Dr. Choi and April are also keeping their relationship a secret — and one of them is tired of sneaking around.

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