Wendy Williams Faints During Her Live Talk Show, Says She 'Overheated'

Wendy Williams Faints Passes Out Halloween 2017

How you doin’, Wendy Williams?

The answer during Tuesday’s Halloween edition of The Wendy Williams Show: not great.

The daytime gabfest host, dressed as the Statue of Liberty for Halloween, fainted on air while introducing the show’s annual costume contest. Williams faltered, stumbled and then hit the ground, to the audible shock of the studio audience.

“That was not a stunt,” Williams said later in the show after she recovered. “I overheated in my costume, and I did pass out. But you know what? I’m a champ, and I’m back.”

“Wendy is feeling much better,” a rep for the show tells TVLine. “She overheated because of her heavy costume, makeup and lights. She was able to finish the show in true Wendy spirit. She will address the incident on tomorrow’s show.”

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