black-ish Sneak Peek: Bow Freaks, Dre Cheers After Junior's School Brawl

Whether or not Junior’s getting into a fight at school is a good thing kinda depends on which Johnson parent you ask, as we see in this exclusive clip from tonight’s black-ish (ABC, 9/8c).

In the spot from “Public Fool,” Junior’s folks have wildly different reactions to finding out that their son was brawling between classes. Dre is horrified to hear that her baby might’ve done serious physical damage to another kid — and even more horrified when she learns that the fisticuffs were sanctioned by both Junior’s dad and grandfather (who couldn’t be prouder).

“You told him to hit another kid?!” Bow asks, incensed. “I told him to get his chain back. I didn’t know he was going to hurt anybody!” Dre responds.

“I did,” Pops interjects. “It was his chain.”

But doesn’t expulsion seem like a harsh punishment for a little dust-up, Bow wonders? Maybe… until Zoe adds a detail that explains a lot.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the exchange play out.

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