Good Girls Revolt EP: Ousted Amazon Boss Never Watched Our Show

Did Good Girls Revolt ever stand a chance at Amazon?

In a new interview, creator Dana Calvo alleges that recently ousted Amazon Studios chief Roy Price had never seen the show before it was cancelled after one season last December.

“He confirmed that by having us refer to the characters by the actresses’ names [when we pitched Season 2],” Calvo told The New York Times. “He was unfamiliar.”

It’s no surprise that talk of the controversial cancellation is once again all the buzz. The series, which was set in 1969, was inspired by the landmark sexual discrimination case filed by dozens of female Newsweek employees back in 1970, as chronicled in Lynn Povich’s book of the same name. On Oct. 12, Price was suspended after Man in the High Castle EP Isa Hackett Dick accused him of sexual harassment. He ultimately resigned five days later, on Oct. 17.

The irony of Price’s exit was not lost on actress Anna Camp, who played Jane Hollander in the Amazon drama.

Now, Povich has taken to social media to declare that a Good Girls Revolt revival is needed now more than ever:

The first and only season of Good Girls Revolt was released on Amazon Prime on Friday, Oct. 28, 2016, and concluded with the women filing their lawsuit seeking equal treatment in the workplace. The show was officially cancelled five weeks later, on Dec. 2, and producer Sony Pictures Television’s efforts to find it a new home proved unsuccessful.

Though streaming services famously never release viewership data, Amazon said in a statement to the Times that Good Girls Revolt was cancelled because it had a “low season completion rate, and did not perform well on the service.”

Are you still upset about the cancellation of Good Girls Revolt? Would you watch a Season 2?