Post Mortems

Even David Duchovny Was All WTF?! By That Twin Peaks Cliffhanger

David Duchovny was not completely satisfied with Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival — and he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The X-Files vet‚ who reprised his role as transgender DEA agent Denise Bryson in the 18-episode continuation, admits to TVLine that “yes, of course” he was thrown by the time warp-y cliffhanger ending involving Laura Palmer and Agent Cooper, before quickly adding that series co-creator David Lynch “is not trying to give you what you want. He’s trying to give you what you need.

“He’s just working on a different level,” Duchovny continues. “[TV] is not a medium with a lot of great artists, so of course people are going to be like, ‘What the f–k?!’ When people look at Picasso they don’t come out and go, ‘That made me feel fantastic. I got all my questions answered.'”

Despite the lack of closure provided by the finale, Duchovny “loved” the revival. “I thought it was amazing,” he enthuses. “The difficulty of doing what [Lynch] does on his terms…. you can’t overestimate it. He’s a completely in-control, idiosyncratic artist. And he happens to make television shows.”

Duchovny only appeared in a single scene (opposite Lynch’s FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole), the entirety of which was shot in a single Saturday night. “My [start] time was 7 pm [but] I didn’t start shooting until 1 or 2 am,” he explains. “I was in hair and makeup for a long time.”