Scoop: UnREAL Adds 7 Actors for Season 4's 'All-Star' Edition

UnREAL SEason 4 Cast All-Star Francois Arnaud

You know how reality shows love bringing back the best most notorious past contestants for all-star seasons? UnREAL‘s Everlasting will do the same in its far-off fourth season.

Though the Lifetime drama hasn’t yet returned for Season 3, several actors have been added to the cast for Season 4, TVLine has learned. The six new faces include Midnight, Texas lead François Arnaud and Pitch‘s Meagan Holder.

(Before you freak, Midnight, Texas fans: UnREAL‘s shortened Season 4 episode order would allow Arnaud to participate in a potential Texas Season 4, should NBC order one.)

Read on for the rundown of the new characters, as well as who’s playing them and the official character descriptions:

TOMMY | (Arnaud), “a charming and ambitious game producer who has been plucked out of basic cable and given a shot at the big leagues.”

NOELLE | (Holder), “an image-conscious commercial real estate agent who has put a lot of effort into securing her spot as a reality-TV darling. Dumped in her season’s finale, this quintessential ‘prom queen’ refuses to let history repeat itself.”

CANDI | (Natalie Hall, True Blood), “a brash, funny single mom who also happens to be a Miami stripper.  While she’s never seen an episode of Everlasting, she’s tasked with playing the role of Everlasting superfan.”

RODRIGO | (newcomer Alejandro Muñoz), “a cocky, international soccer star and former suitor, he’ll have all the girls vying for his affection.” (Psst: This was the part referenced in the most recent Ask Ausiello.)

SKYE | (Alli Chung, Dark Matter), “a party girl who has left all her inhibitions at the door, she’s just here for a good time.”

SOFIA | (Meghan Heffern, Designated Survivor), “formerly a sweet kindergarten teacher, she returns to Everlasting determined to change her persona into the ‘bad girl’ that audiences love to hate.”

JACK | (Christopher Russell, Star Trek: Discovery), “a former  Everlasting runner-up, and then Suitor, who is prone to picking the wrong girl. This handsome pediatrician is ready to settle down and is hoping third time on the show is a charm.”

Thoughts on both the all-star Everlasting season and the new hires? Hit the comments!

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