The Voice Season 13 Countdown: Ranking the 10 Best Blind Auditions

the voice season 13 best blind auditions

Now that The Voice‘s Season 13 Blind Auditions are behind us — and presumably, Jennifer Hudson has retrieved all of the shoes that she’s thrown so enthusiastically — it’s time to play favorites.

Although, if our countdown of Season 12’s Best Blind Auditions is any indication, you can probably safely assume that we’ve predicted the wrong winner. Last go-round, we pegged Felicia Temple as the one to watch, and she didn’t even make it to the Top 12. At least we had the good sense to put eventual victor Chris Blue in second place.

This time around, our potential-winners circle includes a showman likened to Prince by his coach, Adam Levine (Jon Mero), a pretty-boy rocker who left Miley Cyrus all hot and bothered (Noah Mac) and a powerhouse that Blake Shelton said lacked only an opportunity (Brooke Simpson).

Check out the gallery above (or click here for direct access) to see who’s our top pick, then hit the comments with the contestants that stood out to you.

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