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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Preview: Rebecca's Dark Turn and More Season 3 Scoop

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Rebecca

Want to know how serious Rebecca is about taking down Josh Chan this season on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Her new hair color is a pretty good hint.

Yes, Rebecca’s hair is a few shades darker this season… and so are her motives. The CW’s musical comedy kicks off Season 3 this Friday (9/8c) with its heroine plotting to destroy the former love of her life after he ditched her at the altar in last season’s finale. “I want to bring him down in any way I can,” star Rachel Bloom tells TVLine, referring to Rebecca’s quest for vengeance. “It’s a very guttural, visceral thing.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Trailer“I think it’s our funniest season, but it’s definitely our most intense, emotionally,” showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna previews. “It kind of feels like we’re finally getting to the really meaty heart of this dynamic… this is definitely the revenge part of the ‘crazy ex’ concept. The vengeful part.” And if you thought Rebecca was a little nutty in years past, fasten your seatbelts, she warns: “Her car was barely on the rails for most of [Season] 2, and now it really is starting to get off the rails.”

Of course, if Rebecca were truly over Josh, she wouldn’t be dedicating her life to ruining his. Her hate for Josh isn’t all that different than her love for Josh, McKenna notes: “When you’re obsessed with that person to the point where you hate them, you’re still in a very fiery, intimate zone with them.” And Rebecca proves that in Season 3, taking her desire for revenge to dangerous extremes that even worry her closest friends.

When the season opens, in fact, Rebecca is nowhere to be found. Friday’s premiere features a Disney-style opening number with the citizens of West Covina buzzing about her whereabouts. McKenna calls it “a curtain-raiser on the second act of the Rebecca Bunch story… it’s kind of a big, around-the-world song, and everybody’s sort of gossiping and speculating about her.”

But what about all those other West Covina residents, hmmm? McKenna also fills us in on what’s on tap for the rest of the Crazy Ex cast this season:

JOSH | Rebecca’s ex fled from her into the welcoming arms of the priesthood… but he may have bitten off more than he can chew. (OK, he definitely did.) “He has a very romantic idea of what being a priest is,” McKenna says, but “it’s not something where you run off and join the Land of Unicorns. It’s something where you do hard work, and you get a Master’s in Divinity. It can take six years, eight years. So Josh is going to be confronted with the reality of what it actually takes to be a priest.”

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 NathanielNATHANIEL | Rebecca and her new boss shared an intimate moment in the elevator last season… and he’s still thinking about it, co-star Scott Michael Foster hints. “He couldn’t shake the thought of Rebecca, and the kiss in the elevator… and I think it’s even more so this season. He hasn’t had feelings like this before, and he’s confused by them.” But McKenna cautions that Rebecca’s obsession with destroying Josh is blinding her to any potential romance with Nathaniel: “No matter what great things she and Nathaniel might have, she really is unable to see it.”

PAULA, HEATHER AND VALENCIA | Rebecca’s “girl group” is onboard with her plan to ruin Josh Chan, and them combining forces is a “huge part of this season,” McKenna says. It’s personal for Paula, she adds: “Male misbehavior really enflames Paula. And later this season, we’re going to find out why.” But Rebecca hasn’t been completely honest with Paula about her past, and “that will eventually come up and cause some problems for them,” McKenna teases, “because Rebecca claims to be this sort of innocent victim… [and] the audience knows that’s not exactly right.”

DARRYL & WHITE JOSH | This mismatched couple is definitely a fan favorite, but McKenna says Darryl’s urge to have another kid leads to growing pains for them in Season 3: “There’s sometimes a temptation to take happy couples and park them in the corner, and have them just be the engine of adorableness. But these are grown men with a complicated relationship… all the love relationships on the show are really bumpy and complicated, and theirs is no exception.” OK, fine… as long as we get a great Darryl solo ballad out of it.

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