Chicago Fire Sneak Peek: Dawson and Casey Butt Heads With the New Chief

Chicago Fire Video

The couple that challenges the temporary chief together… stays together?

In TVLine’s exclusive video from Thursday’s Chicago Fire (NBC, 10/9c), Dawson and Casey come up against the antagonistic Chief Mullins (guest star John Gatins), who’s filling in for Boden. The new boss quickly makes his authority known, informing Dawson and Brett that they’ve been reported for taking two patients — a young victim and the man who struck her with his car — in the same ambulance. Although the paramedics were just trying to save lives, they went against protocol and created a potential lawsuit in the process, Mullins tells them.

“Sounds like they made a judgment call in a challenging circumstance, Chief,” Casey chimes in. But Mullins isn’t so understanding, and takes the duo out of service until they complete an incident report.

When Casey comes to his wife’s defense again with “all due respect,” Mullins also lays into him. “‘Due respect’ would be letting me handle this — unless there’s something other than ‘lieutenant’ in front of your name,” Mullins adds pointedly.

Press PLAY below to watch the video, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the tense exchange.

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