Last Man on Earth: Watch Chris Elliott's (Not At All Creepy) Introduction

Only Chris Elliott could make an apocalypse more uncomfortable. The Master of Wackadoodle joins Last Man on Earth this Sunday (9:30/8:30c on Fox) as new castaway Glenn, and we have an exclusive first look at his super-creepy introduction.

The episode picks up mere moments after last week’s premiere left off, with the Tandy-less gang in full-tilt freakout mode following their fearful leader’s kidnapping at the hands of Kristen Wiig’s Pamela. There’s also the little matter of them being stranded on a seemingly deserted island. Just as tensions begin to flare, the gang hears a suspicious noise coming from the nearby bushes and Todd bravely volunteers to take a closer look. And… that’s when things go from weird to weirder to downright freaky.

Press PLAY above to watch the before, then scroll down to view the after

Last Man on Earth

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