The Last Ship Finale Sneak Peek: Who Will Make the Ultimate Sacrifice?

As Season 4 of The Last Ship draws to a close, the Nathan James is a bit of a sitting duck, so it’s going to take a bold move — and perhaps the ultimate sacrifice — in order to put an end to Lucia and her (ahem) “personal” war.

In this sneak peek from the season’s 10th and final episode, titled “Endgame” and airing this Sunday, Oct. 8 at 10/9c, Chandler (played by Eric Dane) and Slattery (Adam Baldwin) mull their limited options in the wake of the James having been rendered unable to fire back at Vellek’s Greek warship.

But if the James can’t fight back, Chandler comes up with an idea to “knock the fight out of them” and thus clear a path to reclaim The Seeds in which humankind’s fate lies. To do so, though, requires what may prove to be a suicide mission.

Who’s up for such a selfless task? Press play above to find out.

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