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Kyra Sedgwick Remembers Her Shakiest Day on Set of The Closer

Kyra Sedgwick The Closer Interview Throwback Thursday

Playing the lead character in an hour-long drama isn’t for the lazy or those who tire easily, but even the most stalwart actor or actress has a breaking point. Kyra Sedgwick remembers exactly when hers came — courtesy of mother nature — during the seven-season run of TNT’s The Closer.

“I have kind of a funny story,” says the actress, now starring in ABC’s kidnapping thriller Ten Days in the Valley. “I always joke that I literally didn’t have time to pee, because out of a 46-page script, I had 42 pages of dialogue, and I’m not good at learning lines.” She chuckles as she thinks about her character, police interrogator Brenda Lee Johnson. “‘Verbose’ is a nice word for her.”

With so much to film, Sedgwick didn’t get a lot of downtime. “The minute you go into your trailer, they would be ready for me, because the [set] lighter was really fast. So I literally had no time to pee,” she continues. “I’m not a big yeller, but [one day] I was on the toilet in the trailer and the whole trailer started moving and knocking, knocking, knocking!”

Thinking the intrusion was from an overzealous assistant director sent to fetch her back to set, “I was just apoplectic about it,” Sedgwick recalls. “Then it didn’t stop, and I realized: Holy f–k, we’re having an earthquake.”

As the tremors went on, the actress adds, she had a moment of unintentional zen.

“I’m literally losing my s–t in the middle of an earthquake,” she says, laughing, “and then of course I was really relieved! Like, ‘Oh, thank god! They were actually letting me pee!'”

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