Watch Larry David and Bernie Sanders Find Out They're Related (No, Really)

Larry David Bernie Sanders Related Video Finding Your Roots

Turns out there’s a very good reason why Larry David’s SNL impression of Bernie Sanders is so spot-on.

Both the Curb Your Enthusiasm star and the U.S. Senator appeared on Tuesday’s season premiere of the PBS reality show Finding Your Roots, which traces celebrities’ family trees. And host Henry Louis Gates had a surprise for both of them: David and Sanders are actually distant cousins. (Well, maybe that’s not such a surprise.)

Press PLAY on the video below to watch David and Sanders learn the news:

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In the clip, Gates hands David a book, explaining that if he has “long identical stretches” of genetic code in common with another celebrity Gates has tested, “that means you’re cousins.” David turns the page, hoping that his genes match up with “a good athlete” — and exclaims “What the hell?” when he sees Sanders’ face staring back at him.

Sanders can only laugh uproariously when he learns the news, yelling out, “You’re kidding!” He also notes that whenever he meets someone who mentions David’s impression of him, “I say, ‘He does a better Bernie Sanders than I do.'” Who knows you better than family, right?

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