The Brave Video: Patricia Gets Do-Or-Die Orders — 'Your Team Must Succeed'

The Brave Video Season 1 Episode 2

When a woman who routinely and calmly deals with some of the most stressful situations on the planet looks worried, it’s time for you to worry, too.

That’s why we’re a little concerned about the information conveyed in this exclusive clip from Monday’s The Brave (NBC, 10/9c): What seems at first like a simple extraction is actually a quite complicated and incredibly important mission, and it involves “the single most important mole in the history of espionage.” No pressure!

As you’ll see in the video below, one of Patricia’s interdepartmental colleagues (played by Colin Salmon, Arrow) wants to make sure that she’s 100 percent clear on how her team is directly responsible for the success of the United States’ entire intelligence operation. OK, so we’re exaggerating… but not by much.

The scene takes place in an episode that finds the team in Russia, where a CIA officer (played by Saving Hope‘s Stacey Farber) is attacked by rebels — and Noah is revealed as having an unexpected connection to what’s going on.

Press PLAY on the video below to get fully briefed, then hit the comments: What are your thoughts on the military show so far?

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