Outlander vs. Teen Wolf: TVLine Editors Swap, Size Up Shows in New Podcast


You know how when you’re trying to get your friends to fall in love with one of your favorite shows, you beg them to try just one episode? Yeah, it happens to those of us who get paid to watch TV, too.

That’s why, in this first edition of new TVLine podcast Show Swap, Executive Editor Kimberly Roots and Senior Digital Editor Andy Swift each agreed to view the most recent hour of a show that they don’t cover and have never seen. Kim checked out Teen Wolf‘s epic series finale, “The Wolves of War,” while Andy watched Outlander‘s Season 3, Episode 3, “All Debts Paid.”

What did the out-of-their-element editors think? Were they able to figure out what was going on? Are they now ride-or-die fans? Also: Is Jamie Fraser one of the first LGBTQIA allies? What does Laura Benanti’s Twitter account have to do with anything? And what the heck is an Anuk-Ite?!

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