SNL Promo: Ryan Gosling Isn't Famous Enough for an NBC Security Guard

Guess La La Land wasn’t a big hit with the security guards at 30 Rockefeller, huh, Ryan Gosling? 

A new promo for the SNL season premiere — airing this Saturday at 11:30/10:30c on NBC, with musical guest Jay-Z — begins with the Blade Runner 2049 star offering some moody narration as the camera pans across New York City’s dense urban landscape, with Gosling musing about returning to host the show again: “This time, I’m gonna give them something they’ll never, ever forget.”

Except the NBC security guard must’ve missed that episode, because we cut to Gosling looking frustrated as the guard refuses to let him upstairs without a visitor’s pass. (Not a Notebook fan, we’re guessing?) Gosling seems to go along with the decision — “You run a tight ship. I respect that” — before suddenly lunging away and trying to hop the security barrier. He’s quickly stopped and meekly agrees to walk out, but not without adding, “Everyone’s doing a crackerjack job here. Honestly. I’m gonna tell Lorne, as soon as I get upstairs.”

Press PLAY to see Gosling’s shameful exit, and then hit the comments to tell us what you want to see on SNL‘s season premiere.

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