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The Big Bang Theory Is Bringing Back Bob Newhart as Professor Proton

the big bang theory season 11 spoilers bob newhart returning

Apparently, death really becomes Professor Proton: Bob Newhart is set to once more “resurrect” the late kiddie science-show host on The Big Bang Theory.

In the Thursday, Nov. 2, episode — which marks the series’ return to its regular night — the erstwhile Arthur Jeffries will appear again to superfan Sheldon as his own personal Obi-Wan Kenobi to help see him through “another time of need.” Since the last time Amy’s now-fiancé was visited by his childhood idol (in Season 9’s “The Opening Night Excitation”), he was concerned about losing his virginity, perhaps this time around, he needs advice on making the wedding night memorable?

Besides the return by Newhart, who won his first-ever Emmy for Season 6’s “The Proton Resurgence,” the as-yet-untitled episode also marks another appearance by Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton as Sheldon’s longtime frenemy.

So, what crisis do you think brings Professor Proton back into Sheldon’s orbit? Hit the comments with your best guesses.