Fall TV Preview

The Flash Season 4 Premiere Photos Feature Scruffy Barry, Icy Caitlin

It appears that Once Upon a Time‘s Regina/”Roni” isn’t the only TV character now pulling a paycheck at a bar.

In the first flurry of photos from The Flash‘s Season 4 premiere, Caitlin is slinging cocktails (on the rocks, or #TooSoon?) when Cisco appears to reach out to the onetime team member.

Coming out of the events of the Season 3 finale, in which her menacing metahuman self nearly helped Savitar slay Barry & Co., Caitlin “has done some soul-searching and figured out exactly how to deal with her demons,” exec producer Todd Helbing shared during our Fall Preview Q&A.

Barry, meanwhile — as teased by a recent promo — is due to return from his self-inflicted Speed Force imprisonment looking a bit more grizzly than we remember the clean-cut hero. But maybe a scruffy speedster is a happy speedster…? As Helbing said, Barry’s time in the Speed Force “let him deal with all of the baggage” from three seasons. “When he comes out, he’s sort of left that all behind.”

Check out all of the Season 4 premiere photos — Kid Flash/Vibe team-up included — here.

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