Stranger Things Season 2: Eleven Boards an 'Emotional Roller Coaster'

Pass the Eggos and keep ’em comin’. On the Emmy red carpet Sunday, Stranger Things co-creators the Duffer Brothers revealed to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello that in Season 2 of the Netflix hit (dropping Friday, Oct. 27), they’ve got Eleven squaring off against something even more terrifying than the Demogorgon: adolescence.

Millie Bobby Brown “blew us away just like everyone else in Season 1,” said Ross Duffer, “so we really wanted to put her on an emotion roller coaster this year.” Added his twin Matt: When the psychokinetic heroine is reintroduced to her friends in Hawkins, “she has hair… she can complete sentences.”

Also included in the free-wheeling interview are the siblings’ thoughts about the series going beyond Season 4, hints about how we’ll get justice for Barb (if not any flashbacks to Barb) and a 1-to-10 rating of the massiveness of Season 2’s cliffhanger. Press PLAY on the video above to check it all out.