Fourth Powerpuff Girl Revealed: Meet Townsville's First Black Crimefighter

Fourth Powerpuff Girl

Powerpuff Girls fans offered mixed reactions to the recent news of a fourth girl joining the iconic trio, but now that the character has been introduced, we’re thinking she’ll be able to win over naysayers in no time.

The new recruit, Blisstina (“Bliss” for short), was unveiled Sunday during the one-hour “Power of Four” special. With her shiny blue hair, light purple dress and grown-up figure, Bliss certainly has a look all her own — along with an explosive new power. (For the record, Bliss’ race was never explicitly addressed in the episode.)

Initially thought to be Bubbles’ imaginary friend, Bliss was later revealed to be an earlier version of Professor Utonium’s “perfect little girl” experiment, though she proved considerably less stable than he intended. Following a tantrum-induced explosion, he thought she was lost to him forever… until now. As a nice little twist, it was also revealed that Bliss was best friends with Mojo Jojo back when he was still the Professor’s assistant.

In the end, it was Bliss’ “dangerous” ability that proved her to be an indispensable member of the Utonium family (as well as a brief accessory to Him’s evil plan, but I’m willing to forget that if you are). Cartoon Network even gave Bliss an official welcome on Twitter during the hour:

Unfortunately, Bliss left town at the end of the hour — but we have a feeling she’ll be back someday.

Of course, true Townsville historians will recall that this isn’t the first time a fourth Girl has been introduced to the group. In fact, it happened on several occasions throughout the original series, which ran on Cartoon Network from 1998 to 2005.

An episode in Season 2, appropriately titled “Twisted Sister,” found Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup attempting to create their own Powerpuff Girl — an experiment which resulted in the birth, and subsequent death, of a slightly off-kilter creation named Bunny. Additionally, the Season 4 episode “Stray Bullet” introduced a Chemical X-infused squirrel (named Bullet, duh!) who briefly aided the Girls in their ongoing fight to protect the City of Townsville.

The villainous Princess Morbucks was also made an honorary Powerpuff Girl in the Season 5 episode “Boy Toys,” but she got the boot when it was revealed that she lied her way into the group.

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