Best & Worst New Shows: The TVLine Staff Shares Its Picks... and Passes

Fall TV Best Worst Shows

Throughout September and October, more than 30 new shows will be clamoring for space on your DVR. What’s worth a look, and what would you be totally fine to overlook?

TVLine in recent months has endeavored to guide you with First Impressions, full-on reviews, sneak peeks and other forms of “Ready your remote!” content, but sometimes you simply want to hear about the good and the sad.

To that end, each TVLine editor binged on scads of shiny new screeners to suggest three freshman shows that are at the top of the class and one that is (perhaps!) fated to flunk. Making things “interesting” this particular year was a poor crop of pilots, which led to a smaller assortment of shows earning placement on our “Watch!” lists — and yet one noob practically swept the “Skip!” category.

You already voted on which new shows you are most looking forward to, led by The Gifted and Young Sheldon. See what we have to say, then share your game plan for the about-to-arrive fall TV season.