Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' Video Debuts at the VMAs — Watch

The most highly anticipated musical moment during Sunday’s MTV VMAs wasn’t one of its 17+ live performances. (Sorry, guys!)

No, that honor went to Taylor Swift, who announced on Friday that the music video for her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” would premiere during the big ceremony. Naturally, this sent the Internet into a damn frenzy, as Swift’s petty feud with VMA host Katy Perry, among others, is well-documented — not to mention heavily referenced in her new single.

The video began with Swift rising from the grave (scary!), then taking a dip in her diamond-filled bathtub (sexy!) and relaxing on her snake-covered throne. (Sexy and scary!) Swift then treated us to a little circus act, followed by some light burglary with her #squad.

A particularly cool/crazy moment came when Swift stood atop a mountain of older versions of herself from previous music videos. Then the different Swifts started fighting, accusing each other of “playing the victim” and faking that whole “surprised face” thing. It was… fine.

Of course, Swift’s new video was heavily scrutinized long before it made its way to the VMAs. Her initial announcement came equipped with a 20-second teaser, which the Internet spent the better part of the weekend ripping to shreds. One popular concern was that, in addition to digging up long-dead drama (that Kanye West thing is so 2009!), a particular shot in the video seems heavily “influenced” by Beyoncé’s “Formation” video. (For what it’s worth, a nod to Ms. Knowles wouldn’t be all that surprising, considering it was “Single Ladies” that Kanye was defending with his infamous interruption of Swift’s acceptance speech.)

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