Halt and Catch Fire Sneak Peek: Donna Rehashes Mutiny Drama With Cameron

Donna refuses to let sleeping dogs lie in Saturday’s Halt and Catch Fire (9 pm/8c, AMC), confronting Cameron about their failed partnership in a very public setting.

In the following sneak peek, Donna steps up to the mic at a “Future of Internet Gaming” conference to ask panelist Cameron a question. “I was hoping you could talk a bit about the relationship between a creator, such as yourself, and the business side of gaming,” she begins. “You seemed to indicate earlier that there was difficulty for you there and I was wondering if you felt you had any culpability in that.”

Donna, of course, isn’t inquiring about Cameron’s current struggles at Atari. She’s not-so-subtly asking her former business partner whether she thinks she played a hand in Mutiny’s downfall. Press PLAY on the clip above to hear Cameron’s equally unsubtle answer, then tell us whether you think the former BFFs will ever be able to bury the hatchet.