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Will & Grace Revival: New Promo Confirms Jack Is On Grindr (Duh)

The rules of dating have changed considerably since Will & Grace went off the air in 2006 — a fact underscored in a new promo for the sitcom’s anticipated return.

In the above clip, featuring the first real footage from the 16-episode revival, Jack expresses his love/hate relationship with the popular gay hookup app Grindr, cracking to the gang, “I feel like I could get finger herpes just from scrolling.”

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The promo also confirms that Will & Grace 2.0 will not be shying away from political humor. During an intense round of Heads Up, the titular duo make one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters the butt of a joke.

The forthcoming Will & Grace revival has already been renewed for a 13-episode second season, well ahead of its Thursday, Sept. 28 launch date. As previously reported, the series’ original, forward-flashing ending — in which Will and Grace lost touch as they started new families of their own with Vince (played by Bobby Cannavale) and Leo (Harry Connick Jr.), respectively — will be completely ignored when the revival debuts, though Leo is scheduled to make an appearance.

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