Fox & Friends Segment Interrupted by Protestor: 'This Is Fake News' — Watch

Fox News Protest Video

Wednesday’s edition of Fox & Friends was definitely foxier than it was friendly.

Fox News correspondent John Piro was in Louisville, Ky., for a segment titled “Breakfast in the Bluegrass State,” but instead of the pancakes he was supposed to be enjoying with the patrons of Christi’s Café, Piro was instead served up a generous helping of drama.

“You’ve got a Democrat right here!” an unidentified protestor announced, suddenly stepping forward to display a homemade “FOX LIES” sign. “This is fake news!”

Unfortunately for the protestor — whose face was never clearly pictured — that’s all he was able to say before the camera cut back to the Fox & Friends studio in New York City. Co-host Steve Doocy explained, “We don’t know exactly what was going on there, but they felt for … in the best interest of the telecast, we cut away.”

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