Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Episodes Leaked by HBO Hacker

This is prettay, prettay bad news for HBO.

Less than two months before its much-hyped return, episodes from Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 have been stolen and leaked online, our sister site Variety reports. They were allegedly obtained by hackers during an earlier HBO data breach first reported on July 31.

In addition to episodes of Curb, the hackers are said to have released tonight’s episode of Insecure, as well as select episodes of Ballers and new series Barry (premiere date TBA) and The Deuce (premiering Sept. 10; watch trailer).

In the wake of Sunday’s leak, HBO has put out the following statement:

We are not in communication with the hacker and we’re not going to comment every time a new piece of information is released. It has been widely reported that there was a cyber incident at HBO. The hacker may continue to drop bits and pieces of stolen information in an attempt to generate media attention. That’s a game we’re not going to participate in. Obviously, no company wants their proprietary information stolen and released on the internet. Transparency with our employees, partners, and the creative talent that works with us has been our focus throughout this incident and will remain our focus as we move forward. This incident has not deterred us from ensuring HBO continues to do what we do best.

Word of HBO’s latest leak comes just one week after an entirely unrelated Game of Thrones leak, with the Aug. 6 episode, “The Spoils of War,” surfacing online just two days before broadcast. It did nothing to impede viewership, though. In fact, it may have piqued viewer interest, with the episode netting an audience high of 10.2 million. That bested the previously most watched episode of the series — the current season’s premiere, “Dragonstone” — which drew 10.1 million.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 officially premieres on Sunday, Oct. 1 — more than six years after its eighth-season finale in September 2011.

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