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The Exorcist: Geena Davis' (Possible) Return, John Cho's Arriving 'Mistress' and More Season 2 Scoop

There was not a single spinning head nor did anyone projectile vomit when the (partially new) cast and EPs of Fox’s The Exorcist sat down with me to dish about the series’ drastically different second season, but I did manage to expel a fair amount of scoop out of the assembled parties.

Highlights from the above video Q&A (which was shot last month at Comic-Con) include: An update on the possible return of Season 1 star Geena Davis; fresh intel on John Cho’s new foster-father character and the length of his Exorcist gig (hint: he likened himself to being the show’s “mistress”); and details about the season’s nature-centric, Cabin in the Woods premise.

The new, rural setting “allowed us to do different types of pacing and different types of horror” this season,” notes co-showrunner Sean Crouch, all while telling “three interweaving stories that will all crash into each other at different points.”

The Exorcist returns with Season 2 on Friday, Sept. 29 at 9/8c on Fox.

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