In Legends of Tomorrow Deleted Scene, Amaya Learns Where Mick Sleeps

Legends of Tomorrow‘s Amaya discovers where her most rough-and-tumble crewmate sleeps — care to hazard a guess before you press play? — in this deleted scene from Season 2 of the CW series.

Excised from the pre-crossover episode “Outlaw Country,” the clip above finds Amaya assessing Mick’s quarters before unwittingly inviting him on a “vacation” of sorts. The duo’s fun dynamic is set to be further explored when the timey-wimey superhero drama returns on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

As showrunner Marc Guggenheim told TVLine during our Fall Preview Q&A, “One of the things from last year that worked very well and we’re carrying forward is we’ve always really enjoyed the relationship between Amaya and Rory — the woman with animal powers who sort of controls the beast.”

The scene above is among the extras to be found on the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray and DVD sets, available Tuesday, Aug. 15.

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