The Munsters Reboot NBC

The Munsters Reboot in the Works at NBC With Seth Meyers as EP

NBC is cracking open a coffin — again — and seeing what’s lurking at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

The network is developing a new reboot of the classic sitcom The Munsters, according to our sister site Deadline. Late Night host Seth Meyers is onboard as an executive producer, along with Odd Mom Out creator/star Jill Kargman, who’ll write the pilot script.

The new take on The Munsters will switch coasts, with the family of oddball creatures landing in hipster-infested Brooklyn, where they struggle to fit in with their neighbors. The original CBS sitcom, which starred Fred Gwynne and Yvonne De Carlo and aired from 1964 to 1966, took place in a fictional California suburb.

If this all sounds a bit familiar, no, you’re not going batty: NBC just rebooted The Munsters in 2012 as Mockingbird Lane, an hour-long reinvention from Hannibal‘s Bryan Fuller. But it didn’t make it to series, with the pilot airing as a one-off Halloween special.

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  1. Syl says:

    More recycling? Swell. I’ll pass.

  2. 51cards says:

    Enough. With. The. Reboots. Nobody is asking for a Munsters reboot, or a Miami Vice reboot, or a Manimal reboot.

  3. Ann says:

    I wish they were rebooting it with Bryan Fuller’s vision. That pilot was good.

  4. Douglas from Brazil says:

    Is nostalgia a trend now in Hollywood?

  5. Regina George says:

    Can’t wait for the Mister Ed and Gilligan’s Island reboots! (Sarc)

  6. AngelWasHere says:

    OMG NO! It won’t work.

  7. Paul says:

    …and the “Original 3” wonder why they keep losing market share, to those who produce new product!

  8. Daya says:

    I’m 40% interested, 60% “yeah, it’s not going to survive this time, either”.

  9. Shouldn’t The Addams Family get the revival this time?

    I always preferred it…

    • Agent 86 says:

      I’d be more interested in seeing the Addams Family again too. For some reason, I always prefer their creepy, kooky and altogether spooky adventures over those of the Munsters.

      • TV Viewer says:

        How about bringing them both back with The Addams Family meets The Munsters?
        Two birds with one stone.
        I liked the Addams Family more than the Munsters, and combining the two families is an idea that should be tried out at least once.
        If they are going to bring back the Munsters, try something that has not been done before, and might be available on DVD or syndication.

  10. Jason says:

    Bryan Fuller’s version was really good and they didn’t pick it up, so I’m not sure why another version will have a better chance.

  11. kmw says:

    Just no. Why wont the networks get new ideas? Just ridiculous the amount of reboots either happening or being discussed

    • Syl says:

      Because A.They’re counting on name recognition. B. They already have the rights so it’s cheaper than paying for a new copyrighted piece. C. Most of the concept details are already worked out. They are treating television as though it’s summer stock. Reboot, revival, rehash call it what you will it’s warmed up leftovers from the freezer to me.

  12. Michael says:

    This show has been rebooted more times than my computer

  13. Agent 86 says:

    What is happening with NBC’s reboot of Xena: Warrior Princess? Surely after the success of the Wonder Woman film, NBC is aware of people’s appetite for warrior princesses?

    I know that Javier Grillo-Marxuach (VERY) unfortunately left the Xena reboot due to “creative differences” (which is an absolute shame). Did NBC cancel their plans after he left? Is NBC still trying to find a new show runner / executive producer?

    Are NBC actually considering a limited revival with Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor reprising their original, iconic roles and including a new “warrior princess” protégé character to lead a potential spin-off / ongoing series?

    If Wonder Woman can battle her way to success on the big screen, then Xena and Gabrielle deserve another chance to dominate the small screen!

  14. Dude says:

    I actually really liked the Bryan Fuller one.

  15. NP20 says:

    I love Jill Kargman so I’ll check it out. (Didn’t hate the last reboot either)

  16. Brian says:

    Why are people acting like reboots/revivals are anything new? The Munsters Today in the 80s was already done (and lasted longer than the original).

  17. Aspaulding says:

    And this is why I dropped cable and network tv. Loved The Munsters in its first run, got a chuckle out of the Munsters Today (87-91), and enjoyed Brian Fuller’s version that was a possible show but aired as a Halloween special. Can we just stop with “reboots” aka recycled old ideas?

  18. Rob says:

    This is a case of too much, not just this particular show but TV in general. I don’t know how many here remember when there was 4 networks (ABC, CBS, NBC + PBS) and no one knew what cable TV was. I remember that back when I was younger. Filling a schedule up with original shows was easy back then but these days, how many ways are there to watch TV? Too many, so revivals and reboots were going to happen. You have to find some way to fill up all of that capacity.

    • Syl says:

      Or the television industry needs to downsize. There are hundreds of channels on my service that I’ve never once looked at and never will. A la carte is on the horizon and I can’t wait.

      • Rob says:

        People want to choose what channels they watch but, the thing is that the pricing model that cable/satellite uses is that the expensive channels subsidized the other channels that not many people watch. If it went to an à la carte model many channels would disappear altogether. More channels = more money

  19. Jooshua says:

    I really enjoyed Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane pilot. It’s disappointing that didn’t get picked up.

  20. Television says:

    Stop ruining the great originals, I will watch the originals, not remakes! Stop redoing what doesn’t need fixing! How about come up with something new instead of stealing from the past and trying to redo what was already perfect.

  21. grys03 says:

    Didn’t they try this a few years ago? Mockingbird Lane or something similar?
    Some reboots work, some don’t.
    But the ones with iconic actors (Fred , Yvonne & Al) rarely make it through a few episodes. I will watch an episode, only so can I enthuse myself to dig out the dvds of the original series to binge on.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “If this all sounds a bit familiar, no, you’re not going batty: NBC just rebooted The Munsters in 2012 as Mockingbird Lane.…”