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Fred Savage Tries, and Fails, to Come Up With an Embarrassing Story About His Grinder Co-Star Rob Lowe

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Turns out, Rob Lowe really is as rad as he seems.

At least, that’s the sense we got from his Grinder co-star Fred Savage, who when pressed could not come up with one silly, goofy or even slightly embarrassing story from their time on the short-lived Fox comedy.

During a press event for Netflix’s Friends From College, in which Savage stars, conversation turned to the actor’s memories about the sitcom. At one point, Savage even asks for an assist from Friends From College co-creator Nicholas Stoller, who was a producer on The Grinder, and co-star Colbie Smulders. After tabling the discussion for a while, we decided to try one more time. Read on to witness both how unsuccessful we were, and how damn splendid Lowe seems.

TVLINE | Grinder story, this is it.
SAVAGE |  There’s nothing embarrassing about Rob Lowe. Nothing at all. It’s… He’s perfect. As a person, as a dad, as a co-worker, as a man.
STOLLER | He’s very good looking.
SMULDERS | He’s super attractive.
SAVAGE | There’s nothing embarrassing about Rob. God. What’s a Grinder story? Nick was on The Grinder.
STOLLER | I know. I feel like it was pretty — it just kind of like, went smoothly and then was cancelled. [Everybody laughsIt’s one of those shows where it’s just like, “That went well.”
SAVAGE | The most embarrassing thing about The Grinder is how few people watched it.
STOLLER | It wasn’t a surprise when it was cancelled.
SAVAGE | I would say that’s the most embarrassing thing.

Do you miss The Grinder? And are you, too, under the impression that Lowe is a god among men? Hit the comments and let us know!

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