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Gifted Boss Assures Amy Acker Fans: Mom of Mutants Is a 'Badass Warrior'

Have no fear, Amy Acker is once again playing a person of great interest, in her new role on Fox’s The Gifted.

Premiering Monday, Oct. 2 at 9/8c (leading out of Lucifer; read our First Impression), the Marvel series stars Acker and True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer as Caitlin and Reed Strucker, the parents of two teens whose latent mutant abilities have surfaced — at a time when to be a publicly “practicing” mutant is extremely illegal and will get you detained by the government’s Sentinel Services.

Because the kids (played by Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes-White) — as well as mutant underground members such as Eclipse, Thunderbird, Polaris and Blink — possess the whiz-bang skills, those who relished Acker’s recent run as Person of Interest’s running-and-gunning Root (and Angel‘s Fred-as-Illyria, among other such roles) have fretted that she is now playing “just a mom.”

The Gifted showrunner Matt Nix, however, assures that Caitlin is very much “a badass.”

As the Burn Notice alum explained to TVLine, “One of the things that was central my my original pitch was talking about the evolution of Cailtin, from a suburban mom who’s working as a nurse.

Given her profession, “She does have this specific skill that nobody else has,” Nix continued, “and it turns out that being the only one who knows about medicine among the mutants… well, mutant medicine is a big, interesting place for the show to go.”

That said, Nix stressed, “Neither is she just ‘the doctor,'” that “over the course of the show I really love the idea of showing the evolution of a suburban mom into an underground warrior.”

Any given that she apparently is 2-for-2 in birthing mutants, might Mom herself be revealed to boast any special abilities? “There will be fun things to explore in the Strucker backstory,” Nix answered with a smile. “I promise.”

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