Deadliest Catch Video: 'Man Down' Aboard Jake Anderson's Saga

Some weeks, Jake Anderson’s beleaguered Saga seems like the most unfortunately accurately named ship in the Deadliest Catch’s whole fleet. Take this week, for but one turn-your-hair-gray example.

In the above exclusive sneak-preview video of Tuesday’s episode (9/8c, Discovery), one of the daring deckhands loses his footing while working on the stack of crab pots and falls with a rib-cracking thud 15 feet to the deck below. And bad as that is, it’s actually not even the worst thing that could have happened to him!

“I thought he went over the side,” admits fellow crabber Hannes Huswick. “I thought he was [bleeping] gone, bro.”

Press PLAY on the video above to check out not only the harrowing incident but the skipper’s reaction to it, then hit the comments. If you had to take a tumble like that, on whose boat would you want to be? (For me, Sig Hansen.)

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