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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on X-Files, Riverdale, Supergirl, Supernatural, Chuck, NCIS, Elementary and More

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Question: Got any Riverdale Season 2 scoop for me? —Kasey
As a matter of fact, I do: Veronica’s hot new romance with Archie will hit a speed bump when a (handsome) figure from her past reappears. Nick St. Clair, a womanizing bad boy Ronnie knows from her New York days, is headed to Riverdale to stir up trouble… and maybe compete with Archie for Miss Lodge’s affections.

Question: I know Elementary isn’t coming back until midseason, but I need to know this now: Is it possible Natalie Dormer will be back as Moriarty one last time? —Giovanni
Ausiello: It’s more than possible. “With respect to Sherlock, we’re working hard to see an old flame come back to the show,” executive producer Rob Doherty teased to TVLine at CBS’ summer press soiree, before all but confirming that the mystery ex is indeed Dormer’s Moriarty (who last appeared in the flesh in Season 2). “She may or may not lead a league of assassins — or once led a league of assassins.”

Question: I’d love something (anything!) on my favorite McGeek. Are we going to get a time jump in the NCIS premiere? Or will we pick up right where we left off with Gibbs and McGee left behind to face the militants in Paraguay? —Karen
“We pick up where we left everybody off at the end of last season,” says co-showrunner Frank Cardea. “We flash back about that much, just to remind the audience that these two guys are in jeopardy and the world’s about to come down on them, and then we pick it back in Washington” two months later, with Gibbs and McGee still stuck in Paraguay! BONUS SCOOP: Assuming that McGee makes it out alive, Cardea said to expect an October baby for him and Delilah.

Question: Still worried about Alex and Maggie on Supergirl. Since Floriana Lima isn’t going to be on the show full-time, should I just assume Maggie turns down Alex’s proposal? —Cait
Have faith, Cait! My latest intel suggests that Alex and Maggie’s romance is far from over, even if Lima will only recur in the CW drama’s third season. In other Supergirl casting news, J’onn will have his hands full in the beginning of Season 3 when an aggressive White Martian named Da’rack comes to Earth on a particularly delicate mission — which, we assume, will not be handled delicately.

Question: Do we know where exactly Black Lightning will be set? —Josh
Ausiello: We actually have an update for you on this front. The show will now be set in Freeland, a fictional city — not Atlanta or NOLA.

Question: Zachary Levi popped up in your Comic-Con highlight reel, but I can’t for the life of me find your actual interview with him on the site. Help! —Daryl
Ausiello: I was holding it back because I wanted to offer it up as a bonus treat in Ask Ausiello. Press PLAY below for scoop on Levi’s upcoming roles in Psych: The Movie and Netflix’s period drama Alias Grace, as well as an update on — wait for it — Chuck: The Movie!

Question: Do you have any news on the new season of Supernatural? How is Cas coming back? —Cynthia
That’s a closely guarded secret, but portrayer Misha Collins did tease at Comic-Con that “the Cas that comes back is not, like, a totally different Cas.” The actor also revealed “it takes a long time” for the angel and Lucifer’s grown spawn to meet. “I don’t think we have scenes together until Episode 6 or something,” Collins shared. “But in a way, I think Jack sort of thinks of [Cas] as a surrogate father or something like that. There’s some strange imprinting that may have happened, even though Cas was dead.”

Question: Julie Plec mentioned in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview that Hayley is getting a new man in The Originals’ final season. Any more details? —Steve
I can’t say for sure whether this is the man in question, but the show is currently casting the role of Declan, a “flirtatious” Irish chef with a hot temper to match his killer charm. Like most humans on the show, he starts out with no knowledge of New Orleans’ supernatural shenanigans — until he’s introduced to a famous vampire family by the woman he loves.

Question: I’ll take anything from The Originals’ final season. Like, anything. —Charlotte
I think this qualifies as “like, anything”: Season 5 will introduce viewers to Antoinette, a free-spirited “old-school vampire” whose charm and wit mask her dark history. (Gee, are we sure she isn’t related to the Mikaelsons?)

Question: Any news on Criminal Minds? —Samantha
Matthew Gray Gubler will be directing this season’s 17th episode, and it sounds like no laughing matter. “I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s going to be the spookiest episode of Season 13,” he told Matt Mitovich. Pressed for a one-word teaser for the episode, MGG paused and then let forth that five-letter four-letter word: “Ohhh, it’s so good! I’ll just say it: clown.”

Question: I’m tentatively excited about MTV’s Scream “reboot.” Do you have any scoop that might sway my decision to watch? –Ash
Here’s an interesting little casting scoop: MTV is currently looking to fill the role of Manny, an openly gay senior who’s “smart as hell,” even if he hasn’t quite found his place in life yet. Unfortunately, the outsider’s quest to find himself — as well as his desire to keep the few friends he has — will land him “in the crosshairs of a killer.” (But, hey, doesn’t everyone end up there eventually?)

Question: How many episodes of The 100 will we get this year? —Tanya
Another lucky 13, the same as fellow midseason shows iZombie, The Originals, Black Lightning and Life Sentence.

Question: Will Kanan die this season on Power? —Stephanie
Not sure about that, Steph, but how about some even father-reaching intel? I hear the series is looking for an actor in his early 40s who speaks fluent Spanish to play Steve, a sexy, confident, cunning DEA agent heading up the Southwest Border Initiative in Season 5. And if that doesn’t have “Angela hookup” written all over it, I don’t know what does.

Question: Have you completely thrown in the towel on Twin Peaks? —Charlie
Ausiello: I’m about three episodes behind and in absolutely no rush to catch up, which saddens/frustrates me. Another thing that saddens/frustrates me is that a bunch of really smart and talented people seem to be digging it, which makes me feel like I’m living in an episode of Twin Peaks myself. One of those really smart and talented people is Damon Lindelof, whose reverence for the Showtime revival compelled him to travel to San Diego two weeks ago to moderate the Twin Peaks panel at Comic-Con. “What the hell am I missing?!” was essentially the question I posed to him when he dropped by our interview suite. Our pro/con Peaks exchange is below:

Question: I’m excited that Danny is coming back to The Mindy Project. What else can you tell me about Season 6? —Olivia
Jody may not be getting his own spinoff (an idea Mindy Kaling revealed she flirted with), but he will be getting a new love interest: The show is looking for a 40-something Latina actress to play Dr. Mary Hernandez, a smart, gorgeous physician at a women’s clinic who earns Dr. Kimball-Kinney’s ire when his patients start leaving him for her practice. Of course, because this is The Mindy Project, Jody will soon find himself entranced by Mary.

This AAnd That…
♦ Do you consider yourself a Ray Donovan acolyte? Then watch Sunday’s Season 5 premiere live. And if you can’t watch it live, then for the love of all that is good and holy, stay off social media.
♦ Hearing buzz that Scully won’t be in the best of shape when The X-Files picks up. Also, much like the last revival, rumor has it Season 11 will be bookended by heavy (and hopefully less contrived/cheesy) mythology episodes written and directed by series creator Chris Carter.
♦ If you’re wondering how Erinn Hayes feels about getting the royal shaft from Kevin Can Wait, allow me to direct you to a trio of very telling tweets she “loved” after news broke Tuesday that her character, Donna, was getting killed off. Here’s the first tweet. Here’s the second one. And here’s the third. In related news, I LOVE ERINN HAYES. (Additional reporting by Andy Swift, Kim Roots, Dave Nemetz and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait for X-Files!!!

    • Muffy says:

      Since it’s 10? episodes, I hope it’s better than S10.

      • Scott says:

        Agreed. I know there were many ‘lighter’ episodes throughout the original series but I found this last season too heavy in the ‘lighter’ episodes. My favorite X-Files episodes in its original run were the dark and scary episodes and I hope there more of those in this new season.

        • scott16475 says:

          “…too heavy in the ‘lighter’ episodes.’ Funny stuff. I meant to write, “…to numerous in the ‘lighter’ episodes.”

  2. NotSurprised says:

    No comment about The Originals spoiling Hayley’s death in Episode 6? Why isn’t this bigger news? You just got asked about the Originals and not one comment? I expect more from you.

    • Bets says:

      I must have missed this entirely – can you share where this got spoiled? I’d love to learn more. Thanks!!

    • Skeptical says:

      Who said Haley was being killed off? I find it hard to believe that Julie Plec would allow a spoiler like that to be leaked. Until there’s solid proof, I call BS.

      • Pic, that a producer apparently posted, going around the internet of a whiteboard with some season five plot on it. :/

      • Stacey says:

        Jeff Lieber posted a pic, not realizing the white board was visible in the back. It’s all over Twitter.

        • NotSurprised says:

          The spoiler is true. Jeff Lieber even reposted the pic and blacked out the white board with all the spoilers. If it was fake, the writers would say so but nothing because they’re super embarassed. They play the female leads so dirty for man pain. Hayley’s dead, she’s not coming back like Marcel and Elijah. There will be a funeral and Klaus eulogy.
          Also, it’s stupid to complain about reading spoilers when you’re reading an article about spoilers.

      • Mary Smythe says:

        Me to!

    • Carla Krae says:

      What? Right…..

    • Kate says:

      Thanks for the spoiler. You could have just talked about it general terms, but no, you had signal boost a spoiler.

    • Gilded Lady says:

      Nets usually approve what can/can’t be shared. Given just how much (even beyond that) was revealed in that pic, there is no way CW would have given the thumbs up for him to discuss it.

    • trista says:

      Then why are they in “talks” about a Haley spin-off?

  3. Angela says:

    Clown, eh? Yeah, I can totally see MGG having fun with that premise :p. Good to hear he’s directing yet again-look forward to that episode when the time comes.
    Also, those tweets Erinn Hayes liked. Dang. Not exactly disagreeing with them, though, and I wouldn’t blame her one bit for feeling rather bitter.

  4. Karen says:

    Thanks so much for answering my NCIS question. I’m really looking forward to the premiere and Baby McGee!

  5. TV Fanatic says:

    I loved Erin Hayes on Kevin Can Wait and she was one of the main reasons I stuck around! I think they did her so wrong and will anxiously await her next comedy project!

  6. Andrew Hass says:

    Regarding Supergirl, my guess is Alex and Maggie will get engaged but maybe Maggie’s job takes her out of town for some reason.Then that could explain her absence in some episodes.

    • Scribe says:

      Not really, every episode doesn’t have to focus on their relationship. Clever writing can maintain tbe status quo and make Lima’s appearance meaningful.

  7. cc says:

    I literally can’t wait for Moriarty to get back in the show. I’ve been waiting for her for so long!

  8. albertj15 says:

    We need some network to pick up Last Man Standing. There is no reason that the show was cancelled.

    • Edyn says:

      That bs about Last Man Standing was exactly what it is BS…That was a really good show and made me chuckle quite a bit. His blogs are funny and his view points. I can relate to it and the Bass pro shops. I would like Netflix to pick it up or CMT since the repeats are there, but it is like any other show now, lasting 3-5 seasons.

    • Brandy says:

      🙄old ,exspensive,unowned-those are the reasons ..get over it

    • Mary Smythe says:

      I Agree SOMEBODY please pick up LAST MAN STANDING
      It was The second highest rated show on ABC.
      ABC Sucks

  9. Milton Thomas says:

    WHAT THE CHUCK!!#IKnowKungFu

  10. BrianR says:

    I’m pretty much watching Twin Peaks in FF mode and only stopping every 5 minutes or so.

  11. Protege says:

    I’m just going to out it out there; black lightning is set in a town called freeland? Does it sound a little weird to anyone else?

  12. Isa says:

    At least something positive for Sanvers. I hope Floriana will still get a decent amount of screentime.

  13. kmw says:

    Right with you Ausellio Chris Carter better do well a better job with his episodes but sadly I don’t think that will be the case. Oh and what a surprise Scully is in bad shape. I hope this is it for The X-Files because one Carter doesn’t know his show anymore and two even if he did he cannot get their best writers back( and or hire women!!!! ) They have more episodes this time but the ones that are most important are being done by Carter. in between will probably be fine but the beginning and the end wont be

  14. Rithvik Lee Pack says:

    does anyone know how much episodes jane the virgin season 4 will have?

  15. Ann says:

    Fantastic comments from Damon. Thanks for posting that video despite the fact it makes you look… well…

  16. Teresa says:

    I’m with you on Twin Peaks!!! I am very disappointed, the only reason I continue to watch it is the glimmer of hope that you’ll get a bit of what Twin Peaks what it was.

  17. Luis Roman says:

    That “Elementary” update could make Sherlock’s old flame Nyssa Al’Ghul!

  18. ScottJ says:

    Twin Peaks seems to have picked up a bit of speed after episode 8. We’re getting more and more time spent in the town and with some of the original characters. Its feeling much more like the old show than it did at the beginning.

  19. T.W.S.S. says:

    So, Star City, Central City, National City, Gotham City, Charm City, Hub City, Opal City, Blüdhaven, Metropolis, and … Freeland?
    It needs more pizazz if it’s not ending in City.

  20. Eric says:

    The only way a Chuck movie would work is if they forget that S3-5 happened. The show sucked once he learned kung fu. It took away his everyman quality, and changed his character 180 degrees from what he was saying for 2 years.

  21. Saying “Go back” to Lindelof without turning it into a Lost reference, lol.

  22. David says:

    Michael I can’t be the first to tell you this but the last few episodes of Twin Peaks have been the MOST traditionally structured so far. I felt similarly to you at first but now that the plot is moving faster and some storylines are converging, I’m enjoying it more.

  23. Arthur says:

    Can’t wait for Supernatural to come back – especially so we can see how Cas returns! Just glad he is, one of my favorite characters.

  24. Marie says:

    What do you mean Scully won’t be in the Best of shape coming back in season 11 on the The X Files? Last time I checked, it was Mulder that was the one dying at the end of season 10!!

  25. Pat says:

    I cannot wait for NCIS, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, heck I cannot wait for Fall to start with all of my shows returning and they will not be reruns!

  26. NewBeginnings16 says:

    Is there a blackout on info out of the “Bull” set? Everyone is very quiet on Twitter these days.

  27. Jason says:

    I got seriously excited for a moment, when I saw Chuck mentioned. I wish there was some actual movement on this. With all the revivals currently ongoing, Chuck seems like an easy sell. I would love to see a potential, annual movie, like they’re hoping to do with Psych.

  28. Sarah says:

    Stop Archie and Veronica now! They’re Delena level of disgusting. I cringe so hard watching the show try so hard with them. BARF.

  29. Jim says:

    Michael, I think you’re great but you should try to let go of your preconceptions with Twin Peaks. I think you wanted a feel-good rerun like Gilmore Girls served but instead we’re getting something wholly original. They’re redefining television again and if you let yourself get into it you’ll discover it’s a beautiful ride.

  30. datdudemurphy says:

    Erinn Hayes was the best part of Kevin Can Wait…. I have zero interest in King of Queens 2.0

  31. Missy says:

    Spooky! I sent an Ask Ausiello email about The X Files just two days ago. While this didn’t answer my question, it is extremely welcome info :-D

  32. Jim Petty says:

    Am I the only one getting bad vibes from the NCIS “two months later” line and the blind item https://tvline.com/2017/07/14/blind-item-ausiello-character-death-drama-series-premiere/

  33. Jimpy says:

    Am I the only one getting bad vibes from the NCIS “two months later” comment the the Blind Item that a show is going to kill off an original character then go back two months and show what led to it?

    • NP20 says:

      Yikes! Does McGee count as an original? He wasn’t on the show until several episodes in on the first season? Cause if it’s Gibbs I’m not watching anymore

    • Karen says:

      I don’t think McGee counts as an original since he wasn’t introduced until the 7th episode and wasn’t a regular until season 2. But I don’t think it’s NCIS based on the wording of the blind item. The above spoiler says that they show is doing just the *opposite* of the blind item. They’re starting right where we left off in Paraguay and jumping *forward* to two months later with Gibbs and McGee still in Paraguay. Presumably, they’ll continue on once our guys are rescued.

  34. jp says:

    Same for me on Twin Peaks. We are a few behind and I am no rushing to watch either. It has gotten to be a chore to watch or an opportunity to take a nap during… too bad. Looked forward to it.

  35. NP20 says:

    Erin Hayes needs a new show now! Preferably a comedy that does up against KCW so we can all watch that instead

  36. Daya says:

    “It’s going to be the spookiest episode of S13.” I know I don’t watch anymore, but aren’t Matt’s episodes USUALLY pretty darn creepy? (*chuckle*)

  37. Edyn says:

    What if the new man is Elijah, just different? He is compelled to forget everything he went through over the centuries with his family. He can re-invent himself, not knowing where he came from or his family. Starting over is what he wanted. After Haley telling him she loves him and grabs a new man, then introducing him to the family, how is Elijah going to take that? If it is/is not Elijah, what about the power inside him? Something needs to be done because the Mikaelsons cannot be together again with the power inside of them. I really hope it is Elijah to give everyone a happy ending.

  38. Joel Sasser says:

    Aus, I feel your pain on Twin Peaks. The original series remains my favorite TV show of all time, and I refuse to let the reprise taint how I view the original. I have also had very intelligent friends sing the praises of the new episodes and the genius of Lynch. Like you, I simply don’t agree.
    I find myself increasingly annoyed each and every episode with the pacing, the mis-use of the actors (Dougie being the absolute worst offense and waste of MacLachlan’s appeal), and the overall randomness of it. The original show (well Season 1 at least), was tightly plotted, gorgeous, and so darkly funny. Such a disappointment.

  39. A fan of TV says:

    No Archie and Veronica, nor Archie and Betty for me. Archie and Cheryl are soulmates. I saw the little hints the show dropped in season 1, and that’s the ship I’m waiting to set sail!