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Mindhunter Trailer: Jonathan Groff Meets Madness in Serial Killer Drama

“You want truffles?” Jonathan Groff’s Agent Ford asks in Mindhunter‘s first official trailer. “You’ve gotta get in the dirt with the pigs.”

In this case, “truffles” = justice and “pigs” = serial killers, and apologies if we’ve just ruined fine cuisine for you for a while.

Netflix’s forthcoming late-1970s drama stars Groff (Glee) as an FBI agent who interviews incarcerated serial killers in an attempt to solve ongoing crimes. David Fincher (Gone Girland Charlize Theron (Atomic Blonde) executive-produce the series, which also stars Anna Torv (Fringe), Holt McCallany (Blue Bloods) and Cotter Smith (The Americans).

The eerie trailer shows Ford sitting down with some of the most depraved people in the country, trying to get in their minds — and having some really, really disturbing conversations in the process. “It’s not easy, butchering people,” one killer tells him. “It’s hard work, physically and mentally.”

Press PLAY on the video above to get a good look at the drama, which premieres on Friday, Oct. 13, then hit the comments: Will you watch Groff profile a bunch of serious baddies? 

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