The Bold Type Video: Kat and Adena's Kiss Leads to a 'Guilty' Morning After

The Bold Type‘s Kat is following up her first lesbian kiss with another milestone: her first awkward morning-after with another girl.

In TVLine’s exclusive video from Tuesday’s episode (Freeform, 9/8c), Kat — who has only recently begun to question her sexuality — wakes up in Adena’s apartment the day after their big smooch and finds the Muslim object of her affection doing her daily prayers.

“Some days I’m lazy and don’t do all five salats,” Adena confesses. “But some days, it feels more important than others.” And today happens to be a case of the latter because the openly gay artist — who currently has a girlfriend, we should note — is “feeling guilty.”

Elsewhere in the hour, “Jane is stunned when the subject of her latest article, a woman who left a finance job to become an exotic dancer, threatens to sue Scarlet — and Jane,” per the official description. Meanwhile, “Sutton is excited when she thinks she’s making a step forward in her career.”

Watch the sneak peek above, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Kat and Adena’s budding romance.

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