Animal Kingdom Sneak Peek: It Sure Looks Like Pope Doesn't Have a Prayer

Animal Kingdom’s Pope had better say his prayers, because it would appear that the jig is up — or awfully close to it.

In Tuesday’s episode of the TNT drama (airing at 9/8c), the cops press the thief’s girlfriend Amy about the Codys’ recent church heist, then, as you’ll see in this exclusive sneak peek, they pay an unexpected visit to the ex-con’s home. The lead detective says they’re “just dotting [their] I’s and crossing [their] T’s,” but the way she says it suggests that the hot water Pope’s in is about to reach the boiling point. (And just when we were shipping Pope and Amy hard, too!)

Even worse for the career criminal — and yes, it gets worse — the detective adds that once Pope’s vehicle has been thoroughly searched, the two of them are going to have a little talk about his… well, you’ll see.

Press PLAY on the video above to check out the clip, then hit the comments. Are you hoping Pope will stay out of prison long enough to turn over a new leaf with Amy? Or are you eager to see him pay for killing Catherine?

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