Stitchers Cast Teases 'Life-Changing Decisions' and (Fatal?) 'Camsten' Drama in Season 3's Final Episodes

If you’re not “very concerned” for Cameron’s future on Stitchers, you’re watching the show all wrong.

At least that’s the impression we got from the Freeform drama’s cast, who stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite to preview what’s still to come in the last four episodes of Season 3 (continuing tonight at 9/8c).

“I don’t know what I did to [series creator Jeffrey Alan Schechter],” Kyle Harris said, “but this season I get stabbed in the neck a couple of times, I get punched, I get shot. … I just have one of those faces you want to hit, I guess.”

As for Kirsten and Cameron’s relationship, Harris insisted the couple is “trying to make it work, and we just keep going with that struggle, tying to find the best way around that.” (Don’t worry, there’s still “a lot of making out.”)

In addition to teasing what’s in store for the final episodes of the season, the stars also revealed which of their co-stars’ brains they’d most like to stitch into — and their answer(s) might surprise you.

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