Last Ship Season 4 Trailer: Chandler & Co. Face Last Chance to Save the Earth

Will Tom Chandler come out of “retirement” to play hero again?

The Season 4 trailer for TNT’s The Last Ship — revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday — opens with that question, as we sneak a peek at the former Navy captain’s new idyllic life (and love?) on Greece. Alas, the Red Flu has “jumped kingdoms” and infected the world’s food crops, turning the sole surviving source of sustenance into a highly volatile bargaining chip.

As forces conspire to hold the key to avoiding global starvation for ransom, Captain Slattery and his Nathan James crew get pulled into the fray, while Chandler, we see, perhaps has not exorcised all his past demons, but instead is trying to “fight” them.

Watch the trailer for Season 4, arriving Sunday, Aug. 20 at 9/8c (with a two-hour premiere).