Westworld: Watch First Season 2 Footage (Bernard and a Tiger?!)

The robots have taken over. Please run for your lives.

That was the gist of brief new Westworld footage, shown at its panel Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con.

The drama has been shooting for one week. Here are the visuals the audience saw, all backed by Sammy Davis Jr.’s “I Gotta Be Me.”

* Player piano starting new song, but there’s blood on the roll
* A disheveled Bernard, circled by flies, standing by the creek near the corpse of a tiger
* A man, strung upside down from a tree, trying to grab a gun on the ground
* Simon and Maeve, in modern dress, surrounded by corpses at Westworld headquarters
* Dolores and Teddy (?), on horseback, shooting people who are running in a field in the park
* Lots of dead people in the saloon
* Stubbs and Bernard riding in vehicles in the park, along with with a park security team
* A scratched-up and bloodied Man in Black putting on his hat and smiling slightly

Press PLAY on the video above to see the fresh footage, then hit the comments with your preliminary predictions!

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