Supergirl @ Comic-Con: Kara's Grief, Mon-El's Return and a New Villainess

Supergirl flew into San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday with some fresh scoop on Kara’s hardened state, James’ new love, Mon-El’s return and much more.

* Kara has always tried to balance Kara the journalist with Kara the hero, but this season, “the scales are leaning very heavily on Supergirl,” star Melissa Benoist previewed. “I think that’s how she’s coping with this grief of sending her boyfriend to this giant chasm in space.” The Girl of Steel “really is trusting herself and only herself right now.”

* No surprise here: “Mon-El will return at some point,” executive producer Robert Rovner confirmed. “But how he does is one of the central mysteries of Season 3.”

* “We have amazing things in store for James,” EP Jessica Queller teased, before dropping this juicy intel: “He’s going to have a new love interest.” In addition to continuing his role as Guardian, James will get “back to his roots as a journalist and photographer” at Cat Co. in a way that “harkens back to Jimmy Olsen’s character.”

* J’onn’s dynamic with his recently cast father (played by Alias vet Carl Lumbly) is “not an easy one,” David Harewood described. “There’s going to be some complications. J’onn always thought he was the last Green Martian. It’s going to be extraordinary to discover that not only is he not the last Green Martian, but the other one is his dad!”

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* Having fallen in love, Alex will “be weighing that against her work in the D.E.O. and managing those two sides of her life,” Rovner shared. And despite Floriana Lima’s recurring status, Queller promised, “We have an amazing, beautiful story to tell that is emotional and modern and honors the love between these two women.”

* New cast member Odette Annable described her Big Bad character Reign as a villain with “a very specific agenda. She doesn’t want to just rule the Earth. She has her own reasons for dispensing her justice, which will be revealed throughout the season.” The actress has already worked with Benoist “a little bit” and has been “hearing that Reign will be a real match for Supergirl,” Annable added.

* As seen in the Season 3 trailer, Lena Luthor will be going up against Adrian Pasdar’s Morgan Edge. “It’s always good when you see two powerful characters butt heads,” Katie McGrath shared. “But I feel like I’m going to win.” And McGrath has no problem with the fact that Lena has yet to clue into her friend’s secret super identity. “I kind of like not knowing,” the actress said. “Part of the magic of the show is people not knowing it’s the same person.”

Supergirl Season 3 premieres Monday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.