Outlander @ Comic-Con: Secrets From the 'Surprising' Season 3 Premiere

Outlander Season 3

The Outlander cast and crew brought their fans the ultimate gift during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday: a preview of the entire Season 3 premiere.

TVLine has highlights from the screening and what to expect beyond the hour:

* The episode kicks off on the battlefield at Culloden, with dead bodies littered everywhere. The big confrontation between Jamie and Black Jack is “surprising” and might not be “what people expect,” star Tobias Menzies teased.

* Claire and Jamie are “apart for a lot of this season,” leading man Sam Heughan confessed. “So the characters have their own lives and go through all the emotions of grief and acceptance of losing someone that they love. It would almost make a man faint.” Added executive producer Ronald D. Moore: “There’s a lot of story about Jamie and Claire and the 20 years that they spent apart.” But that doesn’t mean Heughan and Caitriona Balfe don’t share a scene in the season opener. We’ll leave you with that cryptic tease.

* Meanwhile, Claire and Frank are attempting to start their life as a family of three in a new home. Even months later, the interaction is still awkward between the couple as Claire won’t let her husband touch her. When the tension finally becomes too much, things gets ugly. Words are said that can’t be taken back, and an ashtray is thrown. “We get to unpack the life of Claire and Frank in Boston, which is told in a certain way in the book,” Menzies shared. “We get to see that in real time.”

* So about that infamous print-shop scene… “First of all, we had a great script from Matthew Roberts,” Balfe said. “Obviously, it’s a huge moment for Claire and for Jamie to find each other again.”

* Claire has traveled back to her modern day, but unfortunately, not much has changed with regards to men’s attitudes about a woman’s place. Apparently, Claire should just be content with her impending marital bliss and mommyhood, not working in medicine.

* Dialogue teaser: “Either shoot me or go away,” followed moments later by, “I want to be shot.”

Outlander Season 3 premieres Sunday, Sept. 10 at 8/7c on Starz.