Marvel's Inhumans Video: What's the Key to Medusa's 'Hair Acting'? And Will the Cast Ever See a Full Episode?

The cast of Marvel’s Inhumans has completed filming the ABC drama’s entire eight-episode freshman run. So, surely by now they as “insiders” have laid eyes on at least one full episode… right?

Graceland alum Serinda Swan, who plays Royal Family matriarch Medusa, and the rest of the ensemble insisted no, they in fact have not, during their visit to TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite. As such, Swan has yet to truly see her character’s sentient hair in action, outside of the tease in the new trailer that debuted at Comic-Con this week.

Speaking with Michael Ausiello in the video Q&A above, Swan offers insight into the “bizarre skill set” of acting as if your hair can, say, reach out and kill a person. The cast at large then talks about braving new frontiers of CGI, acting opposite an invisible Lockjaw and such.

Having wrapped production, can the actors confirm if the eight-episode run ends on a cliffhanger? Plus, what did Game of Thrones alum Iwan Rheon think of the fantasy series’ record-breaking Season 7 premiere? Press play above for all that and more.

Marvel’s Inhumans premieres Friday, Sept. 29 at 8/7c (with two episodes), after making its debut in IMAX theaters on Sept. 1.