Game of Thrones @ Comic-Con: Daenerys and Melisandre Face Off in New Season 7 Trailer — Watch

The Mother of Dragons versus the Red Woman… we don’t know who’s going to win this standoff, but we definitely want to watch it go down.

Game of Thrones hit Comic-Con on Friday with a panel moderated by former cast member Kristian Nairn (RIP, Hodor), but the unquestioned highlight was the trailer they unveiled for the weeks ahead. In the video above, we see Daenerys get a visit from Melisandre, who tells her: “I believe you have a role to play… as does another.” Hmmm… is this a Daenerys/Jon Snow team-up she’s pitching here?

Also spotted in the trailer:

* Cersei Lannister telling a possible ally: “The Mad King’s daughter will destroy the realm… we must stand together if we hope to stop her.”

* Jon Snow informing his troops that he’ll seek an alliance with Daenerys. He gets some pushback (“A Targaryen can’t be trusted”) but Davos insists: “If we don’t band together, we will die.”

* Some hot action between Grey Worm and Missandei (oooh!) and Cersei and Jaime (ew!).

* An epic battle scene that seems to pit the Lannister armies against Daenerys’ Unsullied. (Are we seeing that right? At the 0:48 mark?)

The actual panel wasn’t nearly as revealing, since the cast is sworn to secrecy about what’s coming up, but Sophie Turner had some interesting thoughts about Sansa Stark’s evolution. “She’s been silently absorbing and adapting,” she said, adding that she doesn’t see Sansa as being manipulated by Littlefinger anymore: “She’s just as good at playing the game as he is at this point.”

Sansa’s gown by leaps and bounds since the series began, she continued: “I don’t think she’s like Season 1 Sansa… looking for a relationship or love. I think she’s done with that. I think she’s always looking for happiness. But she doesn’t see the world through rose-colored glasses anymore. She’s woke now, guys. She’s real woke. She’s cautious. She trusts no one, be it man or woman, be it family member or not.”

Plus, Turner shocked the crowd during a question about which dead character they’d most want to bring back by choosing… King Joffrey?!? “I loved working with Jack Gleeson so much that I have to say Joffrey,” she said — to the loud disapproval of the fans in Hall H.

Press PLAY on the trailer above for a GoT sneak peek, then hit the comments to share your predictions. 

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