Fear the Walking Dead Season 3B Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con — Watch

“Fear creates fury” in the first footage from Fear The Walking Dead Season 3B, which made its debut at Comic-Con on Friday.

The trailer for Season 3B (premiering Sunday, Sept. 10 on AMC; view poster) finds the Black Hat Reservation and the Ottos at Broke Jaw Ranch attempting to come together to “fight against the hell outside.” Madison, meanwhile, warns Alycia that “if things go south, we need to be ready” to fight — and if the video above is any indication, tensions are about to boil over.

During an earlier interview at TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite, the cast of the Walking Dead spinoff promised that the back half of Season 3 is no laughing matter, with departing showrunner Dave Erickson promising that “there’s a bit of a catastrophe by the end of the season that will have a huge impact on every one of the characters.”

Press PLAY on the trailer above, then tell us if you’re excited for the return of Fear the Walking Dead.